Up in the sky!
It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
It’s a drone!

Sorry, Donald Trump.

It’s LCk Publishing, and we’re back like a dinosaur’s story (with references outta control). We apologize for leaving all of you in the dark this past year, we know it wasn’t easy, but believe it or not we’ve been hard at work retooling, revitalizing, and most noticeably, rebranding ourselves. Thanks to our friends over at G28 Creatives, our website and social media exploits have a beautiful new look, complete with a new logo/mascot, Mark Buffalo. We hope you welcome him into your hearts like he trampled through ours.

First off, we have big plans for 2016. Sure we say that every year. Heck, you’re supposed to. But we really mean it. We have two releases scheduled for the first half: Josh Caprai’s Katmandu and Jennifer Silvey’s Midnight Galleries. Two original poetry collections that range from heartache, heartburn, and grime from the Midwest to the West Coast, to childlike imagination and wonder in museums, planetariums, family photo albums, and tragedy. Poems for the wanderer and the explorer. We’re pretty excited for you to read them.

Stay tuned for release dates for Katmandu and Midnight Galleries, as well as upcoming new author announcements, future release details, and more.

With all the love in our hearts,

The LCk Publishing Gang