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LCk Publishing was created to help preserve storytelling. By holding ourselves and others to a high standard for quality work, we aim to provide a platform for original voices.

Summer Poetry Contest Winner – Anca Segall

Mountain Airs (Bighorn, Wyoming) In this hour of silence twilight seeps through tree tops. Mosquitoes whine in harmony with the wind, pine sap scent mixing with repellent. Breezes hum through tall tapers barely budge the mountain lupins, purple splotches against...

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Summer Poetry Contest

  We hope you're staying cool so far this summer; sitting in the shade with your notepad, applying those finishing touches to your poem about the love of your life, a road trip across America, or your dog Satchel. If so, we'd like to read it! Submissions for our...

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Inaugural Spring Poetry Contest Winner – Robert Okaji

After much deliberation and careful consideration, we are thrilled to announce that the winner of our inaugural Spring Poetry Contest is Robert Okaji! We want to thank everyone for their submissions, and Robert for submitting the poem that ultimately stood out the...

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Spring Poetry Contest

With Spring in the air and the possibility of new things all around us, we're happy to announce a little something new of our own: LCk Publishing's Quarterly Poetry Contest. Poetry is a large portion of the submissions we receive, so for all you poets out there,...

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